Cruise Vacation Types

Kids & Family - While there are plenty of cruises that offer activities for kids, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise lines offer family-themed vacations for the kid in all of us. The Royal Caribbean themes include a DreamWorks or Barbie themed trip. The DreamWorks cruise includes poolside screenings of Shrek movies, Shrek trivia games and scavenger hunts, and a Shrek kid's parade, and all other DreamWorks characters from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and more are on board. The Barbie experience includes a runway fashion show, tiaras and teacups party, a Barbie stateroom, and Mermaid Dance class. Disney cruises include Deck Parties with the famous Disney characters, Disney movies in their theater on board, live shows with Mickey Mouse themes and more, and character greetings. Norwegian has Family Cruising with Nickolodeon on Norwegian where Nickolodeon Arts and Crafts, Dora the Explorer's Dance Party, a Pajama Jam breakfast, and a meet and greet with all of the Nickolodeon characters.

Themed Cruises - Celebrity Cruises offers an Immersive Wine Cruise or an Excite the Senses culinary themed cruise. The Wine cruise is offered off of the Pacific Coast where you can stop in San Francisco to visit the wineries of Napa and docks in Santa Barbara for wineries as well as a Wine cruise to Europe where you will taste fine wines of France, Spain, and Portugal on your trip. The Excite the Senses culinary trips offer fantastic food and wine pairings as well as tastings and are offered on certain cruises to Europe, Alaska, or Bermuda. Princess also offers a Wine tasting Pacific Coast tour. Carnival offers an interesting themed cruise called Cruise To Nowhere where you get on the cruise ship go out to sea and enjoy the ship and return to the same port.

Short Getaway - All cruise lines offer the option of a trip from 1 day to less than 7 days. These cruises are a very affordable and quick way to get out to the ocean for some fresh air and sun, perhaps a quick stop in Ensenada, Nassau, or Rio, and return revitalized and refreshed. These cruises are perfect if you don't have a lot of time or money to spend on vacation and love to be out on the ocean.Boat

Cruise Tours - Cruise tours are a great way to spend a longer amount of time at certain ports in a hotel either before or after embarking on a cruise. Regular cruising only allows you to stay at a port for most of the day. A Cruise Tour allows you to enjoy the excursion out to sea and allows you to book a hotel for part of your journey to visit a destination for a longer time than you would get just cruising. This allows you time to enjoy some individually chosen activities instead of a preselected shore excursion activity.